Linn County

Important Dates

Date Description
January 1 Assessment date
February 1 Filing deadline for most exemptions, see credits and exemptions for additional information
April 2 - 30 Taxpayers may appeal assessments to local boards of review
May 1 - May 31 Local boards of review consider appeals. This time may be extended to July 15 by the Iowa Department of Revenue Director
By July 1 Period for filing for Homestead Credit, Military Exemption, and Business Property Tax Credit (starting for the 2016 assessment).
July 1 - November 1 Filing period for Family Farm Credit
October 9 - 31 Taxpayers may protest the final equalization order to local boards of review (odd-numbered years)
October 10 - November 15 Local boards of review meet to hear equalization protests (odd-numbered years)